About Us

Boat House Shades was formed by two fellow boaters with many years of on-the-water experience who wanted to shade their boats from the elements – weather, sun, and birds.

With our sunshade, a boat can not only be shaded with the cover off, but air can flow through the screens naturally, thus reducing mildew so the boat dries on its own.

The Concept

The two boaters were talking about the concept at their local watering hole one day, drawing pictures on a napkin to get a better understanding of what their future product could be. They thought of so many boaters, especially in Florida, that have their boats in boat houses and may have a cover on the boat, but the boat itself is still exposed to the elements.

They also wanted to keep the concept affordable for not only themselves, but for all other boaters. The conversation actually started with discussing how difficult it is to take the cumbersome boat cover on and off. With Boat House Shade’s screens there is really no need for the boat cover; opening and closing the sunshade is as simple as pulling up a window blind.

Our Process

The two fellow boaters took their concept to a very well-known screen company, Twitchell Corporation, based out of Dothan, AL. Their screen is heavy duty and has a type of PVC woven into the screen to make it stronger. Their screen also reduces UV rays by up to 90%. The two boaters were lucky enough to recruit a professional, well-known seamstress to sew the fabric in such a fashion that every boat house is custom tailored to fit your boat house, with the proper screen dimensions and stainless steel garments in place.

Along with a stainless steel fastener template and pulley system, the shades are able to open or retract manually with very little effort. You only have to open what shades you actually need to get your boat out of the boat house. Thus, Boat House Shades was born.

Contact Us

For more information about our products along with details on how you can order a screen, we encourage you to contact us via our web form. After you send us an inquiry, someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.